Preventive Maintenance

Special maintenance services recommended by the manufacturer to minimize the risk of major malfunctions that may arise in the future with the long-term use of the vehicle are called preventive maintenance.

The manufacturing company analyses the problems faced by customers in designing and using a car under different driving conditions and shows the special services that can be provided to avoid the risk that may arise as a result of these problems and are issued as a special service Bulletin. Examples are Engine tune-up, Hybrid Battery post Cleaning, Software Updates. Consumers should pay special attention to such services, which will save time and money, ensure road safety and improve fuel efficiency.

Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning & Testing. Modern car engines are based on the Electronic Fuel Injection function. Electrically powered engines such as Multi Point Injection (MPI) and Direct Injection (GDI or FSI) are therefore also used in hybrid vehicles for the control of organic emissions and high fuel efficiency.

The fuel injection is electronically controlled by the Electro Magnetic Injector or the Pizo Ceramic Injector and the bar pressure of 3.5 bar in the MPI and 50 bar to 200 bars in the DI is kept constant. Here, depending on the design of the engine and the drilling methods, the fuel injection pattern, the number of bullets, the distance of the drill and the shape of the drill will change. During prolonged use, the chemical used to enhance some of the properties of the fuel and Even if the system is operational, the fuel injection pattern referred to above, the number of emitters, the distance of the emitter and the elliptical shape are not working properly and the ejector is malfunctioning. This can lead to poor fuel efficiency, poor engine and power output, increased exhaust emissions, rough acceleration, lack of acceleration, increased emissions and increased engine noise. Its carbon deposits on the injection tip of the injector, causing blockages inside and outside the injector.

The injector should also be considered in an engine tuning normally performed after a 40,000km drive in a hybrid car.

In the service provided by our company, the injectors are tested using several methods.

1. Injector Resistance
2. Injector Flow rate
3. Spray ability in various speed conditions
4. Spray shape
5. Tip leek

Etc. Etc the main injector is tested and the injector is cleaned using ultrasonic technology and the defective injector is restored to its original state.