General and Periodic Maintenance

Specialized in Hybrid vehicle Services, we at Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Ltd offer inshop computer diagnostics. It takes only a few minutes for the technical staff to determine the possible triggers and provide guaranteed solutions.

Maximize the lifespan and value of your vehicle with regular servicing at Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Limited. Our team of qualified mechanics and technicians will ensure your vehicle is serviced or repaired to the highest standard. We have all of the latest technology, tools and diagnostics equipment and provide you with friendly, courteous service at flexible rates. Basic regular, routine vehicle maintenance can prevent both frustration and expensive repairs.

Duel Clutch Fluid Change. The Duel Clutch Transmission (DCT) is one of the most popular transmission systems used in modern hybrid vehicles. This can be seen in car models such as Honda Vezel and Fit. The manual transmission used in older cars is a further upgrade and is also known as the AT MT, as the transmission is designed to move electronically from one gear to another in less than 200ms. It is essentially a 7-speed manual transmission with 13, 5,7 gears in one axle and 2,4,6 gears in another axle with a separate dry clutch for each of the two axles. The clutch therefore acts separately when moving from one gear to another, which significantly reduces the latency between the gears and gives the driver the feeling of an automatic gearbox while driving.

Its clutch performance is a very important factor in moving from one gear to another and keeping the time spent there to a minimum of 200ms.

The dual clutch is assembled into a single assembly and is operated and disconnected by a device called a hydrostatic clutch actuator. Clutch Fluid is used to control the pressure exerted by these units on the clutch. During long-term use, the addition of water vapor also changes over time, weakening the pressure control and causing the transmission to fail. The clutch assembly unit is very expensive and represents more than 10% of the market price of the used car at our overseas price.

At the same time, mechanical faults in the gearbox are also developing, leading to costly repairs. It is therefore essential for the customer to pay attention to and replace the clutch fluid in the Duel clutch system in a timely manner.

Usually, the clutch fluid should be changed after every 15000 km of operation or after 6 months as recommended by the manufacturer. Use the fluid in accordance with the approved number and use the standard clutch fluid. We check the level of the clutch fluid and its quality every 5000km for vehicles coming into service. We also ensure that highquality clutch fluid is used in this service.