Online Consultaion & Live Technical Support

The Founder and Managing Director of Auto Hybrid Training Academy, Nuwan Madanayaka focuses on the overall operations, strategic decision making and driving the Centre in a more proactive and functional platform. Nuwan truly understands the apprenticeship journey from a learner, employer and a leader’s perspective incorporating his knowledge and experience of the industry as he began his journey of the industry as a mere Technician. His undying commitment, hard labour and thriving to be excellent in the chosen field had earned him a scholarship to pursue his higher education in the Automobile sector in India. He took that golden opportunity completing his studies successfully then moving onto establish a career, specializing in Hybrid Vehicles and Systems in Sri Lanka.

As the Managing Director and founder Nuwan focuses on the overall organizational strategy and the direction of the ‘Nuwan Madanayake Automobile Training Centre’. He truly understands the apprenticeship journey from a learner’s employer’s perspective. Since he started his career as a technician himself, he has a better perspective of the whole rig.

Nuwan’s successful venture into training on Hybrid systems paved way for him to focus on learning and development of the hybrid auto solutions, each time a new system update was introduced in the Hybrid Automobile industry.

The trainings conducted are focused on gaining apt knowledge, hands on training and on the job certification that has gained renowned reputation for first hand skills in both local and overseas markets. Most of the students who attend our training have been successful in gaining success, recognition and jobs in various parts of the world.

“To fight change is to stand still to embrace change is to be successful”

-Nuwan Madanayaka (Managing Director)-

Online Consultaion & Live Technical Support

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Online Consultaion & Live Technical Support

The objective of this program is to provide technical expertise and technical assistance to technicians or owners who maintain Hybrid and EV car repair centres or to develop/uplift new businesses in Sri Lanka or abroad.

1. Technical support for the repair of Hybrid and EV cars by means of Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber or Skype technology in accordance with the agreement signed with the company.

2. Theoretical training in modern automotive technology systems, immediate technical assistance to solve problems during day-to-day repairs.

3. Provide the necessary knowledge for new business management.

Admission Requirements

Should be a registered service center.

The agreement with the institution should be signed.

Hourly rates per month