Suspension, Steering & Brake System Repairs

Shaky, unsteady, off-centre and stiff steering are all cause for getting a steering system repaired while excessive bouncing or swaying during bumps and intermittent control while driving and braking are caused for a suspension system inspection. Uneven tire wear is also a potential sign of a suspension problems, though this may also point to alignment issues. Have you hit a pothole recently?

Potholes can cause damage to steering and suspension components. Worn suspension components will reduce the stability of the vehicle and the control of the driver. Because suspension system components combine into one working unit, suspension issues that go untreated have the potential to increase the wear on other suspension components, which may result in more extensive repairs down the road if you experience any of the above symptoms, contact us today.

Bad Brakes display warning signs for impending brake maintenance. At Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Ltd the work-floor staff are trained in maintaining and servicing both front and rear brake systems as well as the accompanying brake system components like brake pads, brake shoes, paring brakes rotors, drums and hydraulic systems. If the car experiences any of the above signs or symptoms of bad breaks like unusual squealing or grinding noises, then feel free to contact us online or via a phone call. We will arrange for an immediate brakes’ inspection. Noting is more important than being safe while driving.

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