EV / PHEV Technology Course Contents

The Founder and Managing Director of Auto Hybrid Training Academy, Nuwan Madanayaka focuses on the overall operations, strategic decision making and driving the Centre in a more proactive and functional platform. Nuwan truly understands the apprenticeship journey from a learner, employer and a leader’s perspective incorporating his knowledge and experience of the industry as he began his journey of the industry as a mere Technician. His undying commitment, hard labour and thriving to be excellent in the chosen field had earned him a scholarship to pursue his higher education in the Automobile sector in India. He took that golden opportunity completing his studies successfully then moving onto establish a career, specializing in Hybrid Vehicles and Systems in Sri Lanka.

As the Managing Director and founder Nuwan focuses on the overall organizational strategy and the direction of the ‘Nuwan Madanayake Automobile Training Centre’. He truly understands the apprenticeship journey from a learner’s employer’s perspective. Since he started his career as a technician himself, he has a better perspective of the whole rig.

Nuwan’s successful venture into training on Hybrid systems paved way for him to focus on learning and development of the hybrid auto solutions, each time a new system update was introduced in the Hybrid Automobile industry.

The trainings conducted are focused on gaining apt knowledge, hands on training and on the job certification that has gained renowned reputation for first hand skills in both local and overseas markets. Most of the students who attend our training have been successful in gaining success, recognition and jobs in various parts of the world.

“To fight change is to stand still to embrace change is to be successful”

-Nuwan Madanayaka (Managing Director)-

Overview of EV

1. EV System Overview & CARB emission ranking

2. EV history and working principal

3. Over view of PHEV, BEV, EREV Electric Vehicle Systems

4. Designing concept of all EV categories

5. Quick charging and Level 1& 2 charging system

6. EV Vehicle Safety Precaution and PPES

BEV Technology

1. BEV Major Control Components

2. Over view of NISSAN - leaf BEV technology

3. Drive Modes & Warning Lights

PHEV Technology

1. Comparison of HYBRID & PHEV

2. PHEV Major Control Components

3. Over view of MITSUBISHI - Outlander PHEV technology

4. Drive Modes & Warning Lights

EV Battery

1. EV battery main components

2. System Main Relays (SMR) & Power ON & OFF Sequence

3. Disabling the HV Circuit & Service Plug Removal procedures

4. EV Battery Cooling Configurations

5. LION battery chemistry & their thermal characteristic

6. Battery Cell Balancing Technology

7. HV Battery Diagnosis and Service Precautions

EV- Power Distribution Module (PDM)

1. PDM Assembly and main components

2. Battery Charging power module, Charger relay

3. CCID and high voltage system diagram, automatic and manual protection

4. Power Inverting working principals in Battery Charger and Inverter circuits

5. Motor controlling system & DC to DC converter

6. PDM Cooling System and EV Vehicle PDM Precautions, maintenance and diagnosis

7. Basic out line of automotive network system

8. CAN network system & Navigation system

9. EV - A/C system

10. How to use an Oscilloscope

EV Transmission

1. Basic out line of EV Transmission and main components

2. Drive motors and their construction theory

3. Motor/ Generator controlling theory and speed / Torque and voltage / current measurements

4. Insulation testers and how diagnosis drive motor/ generator faults

5. General maintenance in cooling and lubrication system in EV Transmission