General and Periodic Maintenance

Specialized in Hybrid vehicle Services, we at Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Ltd offer inshop computer diagnostics. It takes only a few minutes for the technical staff to determine the possible triggers and provide guaranteed solutions.

Maximize the lifespan and value of your vehicle with regular servicing at Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Limited. Our team of qualified mechanics and technicians will ensure your vehicle is serviced or repaired to the highest standard. We have all of the latest technology, tools and diagnostics equipment and provide you with friendly, courteous service at flexible rates. Basic regular, routine vehicle maintenance can prevent both frustration and expensive repairs.

Oil Change And Inspection. It essentially consists of two power systems, considering the basic design of a hybrid vehicle, the first of which is called the internal combustion engine and its associated system. Therefore, if you want a hybrid car to have high fuel efficiency, you should pay careful attention to its engine performance as well. According to the manufacturer, one of the most important periodic engine maintenance procedures is the timely replacement of engine oil. Maintaining high-level engine oil not only reduces friction between metal parts but also reduces internal cleaning, temperature control, reduced operating noise, increased fuel efficiency, emission control and increased longevity.

The engine oil should therefore be changed within the specified timeframe and, if not, the above requirements will not be properly met.

This is not just an oil change service. In this valuable service, there are a number of other systems that need to be checked over the distance the vehicle has been driven. This is the name of the Oil Change And Inspection.

When a car is serviced, key components such as engine oil, gear oil, Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid, Differential Oil will be changed either within mileage or months from the date of conversion, for example, Engine oil will be changed either within 5000km or 6 months from the date of conversion.

This means that the maximum quality time of the oil after application to the engine is 6 months and that if you run 5000km before that time, it should be changed before 6 months. Coolant should be changed based on driving distance and time.

This is due to the fact that the oil in the engine is present in the engine oil sump, but is subject to atmospheric pressure, environmental factors and constant thermal stress during engine operation. Adverse effects include changes in oil and tar deposits, increased friction between the metal parts of the engine due to change in density, increased payload, poor temperature control, increased noise.

Thus, each system has its own set of maintenance periods, which is due to the long-term performance of the vehicle, as well as its emission control and fuel efficiency. It is therefore important to keep in mind that timely service on product instructions will ensure the longevity of your vehicle and minimize potential costly repairs.

When we provide services to you, we refer you to qualified and experienced technicians well trained at NMAHTA, theoretically and practically who always strive to provide an efficient, friendly and reliable service. Several key vehicle systems are tested at each service.

Inverter Coolant Quality
Brake Fluid Quality
Radiator Coolant Quality
Air Filter Quality
Cabin AC Filter Quality
Brake pads quality
Tyre rotation
Under Flor guards
Drive shafts and Suspension System dust boots

In the meantime, the following services are done free of charge;

Brake System Service
Hybrid Battery and Other Major Electronic Systems Health Check
Engine Room Cleaning

We also aim to provide a reasonably priced service at a reasonable price without inconvenience to customers, using high-quality lubricants and spare parts based on the recommendations of the manufacturer.