About Us

Who We Are

We are a specialized facility of Auto Hybrid Electronics in Sri Lanka.

Nuwan Madanayaka Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Limited is the inspiration of Nuwan Madanayaka, Founder and Managing Director, a pioneer in the hybrid automotive industry in Sri Lanka. The innovative entrepreneur's passion for the automobile industry began in 2001 when he participated in the Automobile Electrical course at the German Technical Training Institute of Sri Lanka. Since then, it has grown more and better to serve the Automobile business sector in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

To be the best and leading Educational and Automotive Institution in the advanced technologies used on Hybrid & Electric vehicles, as well as the advanced control systems used on these and stay pertinent in tomorrow’s world.

Our Mission

To provide unmatched high-quality service to every client and to satisfy the needs of our customers above and beyond their expectation

About Dr. Nuwan Madanayaka

Successfully completing the course, the ambitious, far-sighted automotive enthusiast came to materialize his dream of setting up an Automobile Electronic Business that would deviate from the 'Traditional' standard company to a more up-to-date, modern automotive facility to represent the Sri Lankan automotive industry.

The Founder firmly believes in that the confidence and peace of mind of customers in steering their vehicles with ease have driven the company to grow larger and better, earning a reputation for being renowned in their field of business.

Nuwan’s success and expertise brought him to another venture in 2011 where he had the chance to advise hybrid consumers and enthusiasts through a Television program titled “Auto Vision’ of the TV channel ‘Sirasa’. It was a first of the sort in Hybrid Vehicle industry. This TV show helped him become even more popular, and his value-added advices resulted in his customers being undaunted.

Over the years Auto Hybrid Electronics (Pvt) Limited has delivered excellent leadership and unrelenting dedication that helped in the transformation of Automotive Industry in Sri Lanka. Nuwan Madanayaka is instrumental in revolutionizing the way Automobile business is managed. Auto Hybrid Electronics (Pvt) Limited is now widely known as the top-ranking Electrical Vehicle Automobile Facility in Sri Lanka.

Nuwan Madanayaka's achievement has not gone unnoticed after he received the globally acknowledged title of "Doctor of Electronics in Automotive Engineering" in India. However, the accolades did not end there as he went on to be honoured as "Keerthi Shri Thesabandhu Thesashakthi Visharadha," an honorary award granted by the National Peace Association in Sri Lanka.

Starting from the modest beginning of his career as a flourishing business owner, Nuwan has always been a keen supporter of fostering local talents by disseminating his expertise to aspiring automotive Electronics Engineers whom facilitate at the Auto Hybrid Training Centre, which he founded in 2014. Under his leadership, Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Limited has thrived and done well.