EV Vehicle Repair & Maintanence

In order to reduce the control of organic emissions, modern automakers are cutting back on fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel, and electric cars are set to completely invade the automotive industry in the next few years. Some car manufacturers are still tempted, as can be seen, to design only PHEV and EV cars.

The electric car operates on a single system, the main components of which are the EV battery, power inverter, EV transmission and battery charger. These are controlled by circuits powered by sophisticated electronics and are critical to maintaining the efficiency of each of these systems. Although maintenance of an EV vehicle may seem simple compared to a hybrid vehicle, the special services that its electronic circuits have to do together are complicated. Having to perform these services and Dc 300v-450v High voltage circuits complicate the use of high cost PPE for safety.

Two main types of electric vehicles are in use: the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and the EREV (Extant Range Electric Vehicle), for example, the popular Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi Outlander.

The EV battery capacity of the Bev car determines its running distance and may need to be recharged once the charge has subsided. The battery can be charged and operated at the same time as the engine is running without being connected to electricity. They're also called the PHEV. The basic unit of the EV car is the built-in battery. It is used for lithium batteries and has a very high capacity of approximately 30kwh and a high voltage range of 400v. Includes refrigeration or coolant cooling systems.

The battery chargers on board, which charge the battery with an inverter and an external power supply, are made of sophisticated electronic circuits. These units are also designed with special active cooling systems to ensure the safety and maximum efficiency of these circuits.

The EV engine, which converts electrical energy into mechanical power, and the mechanical power transmission unit, are designed as a single unit, which also cools by means of a power inverter as well as active cooling systems, using a lubricating transmission fluid.

Also, the maintenance of the electronic control brake system, which operates in parallel with the regenerative brake function, and the mechanical maintenance of the Steering and Suspension systems are among the systems that the customer of an electric car must maintain.

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