General and Periodic Maintenance

Specialized in Hybrid vehicle Services, we at Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Ltd offer inshop computer diagnostics. It takes only a few minutes for the technical staff to determine the possible triggers and provide guaranteed solutions.

Maximize the lifespan and value of your vehicle with regular servicing at Auto Hybrid Training Academy (Pvt) Limited. Our team of qualified mechanics and technicians will ensure your vehicle is serviced or repaired to the highest standard. We have all of the latest technology, tools and diagnostics equipment and provide you with friendly, courteous service at flexible rates. Basic regular, routine vehicle maintenance can prevent both frustration and expensive repairs.

Transmission Fluid Change. The mechanical power generated by the engine and electric motors, the basic power converters of the hybrid car, is controlled and transmitted through the gearbox, commonly known as the gearbox, to the wheels. Many hybrid cars also have electric motors, and these cars' electronic components work electronically on modern cars to reduce transmission delays. The resulting mechanical power is transferred to the wheels without unnecessary expense, which increases the vehicle's fuel efficiency and travel comfort.

Maintenance of the hybrid system of a Hybrid Vehicle is therefore a very important requirement, and gear oil is very important for the proper maintenance of the internal hydraulic pressure, for the reduction of the friction of mechanical parts such as gear wheels, for power splitting, for the cooling of electric motors and for the protection of their insulation resistance. Performs it. Oil expiration due to changes in the driving distance and environmental conditions of the vehicle and changes in the heat can cause defects in the internal parts due to this change in the valuable properties of the vehicle. A special piece of work.

This is a very important requirement for the longevity of the vehicle, to minimize costly future repairs and to increase fuel efficiency and control of emissions. This service provided by us is always based on the recommendations of the manufacturing company and is provided technically and efficiently by experienced technicians using high quality raw materials.